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Breaking The Habit Overcoming Your Shyness…

Do you often feel uneasy in social settings? Do large gathering of people make you want to retreat back to the safety and solitude of your home? Do you often break out in a sweat or get nervous when at a large function? If any of these sounds familiar you probably are one of the many people who suffer from social anxiety disorder. The good news is with time, counseling and practice you can join the ranks of the hundreds of thousands of people who are breaking the habit and re-introducing themselves to social settings with ease.

Many of us yearn to be able to get up in front of large crowds of people and be in the spotlight. We see others around us who are at ease with being the center of attention and the respect they earn for doing so. Yet when it comes time for us to take the stage or be the center of attention we often feel ill or uneasy about the entire situation. While some may think of this as purely a habit that has no consequences except for our embarrassment, the truth of the matter is people who are uneasy about themselves or react badly in social gatherings tend to be passed over in life for promotions, advancement and just being a “part of the group”.

There are a number of methods and simple at-home exercises you can do to help you overcome your anxiety and re-join the crowds and social activities you may have had to give up out of fear. A number of online support groups as well as local support resources provide the information and help many people need to regain control of their fears and stare them down.

If you believe you may be suffering from this disorder start by reaching out for help either online or locally. You don’t need to be afraid of interacting with society – there are those out there who can help you.

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